FIT With Cathy Zielske – January

In an effort to take more time for myself… that is including, taking time to live a healthier lifestyle.

I simply love Cathy… her quick wit and humor just make me smile! Several years ago I joined her FIT class and loved it! Such a warm, caring and supportive community. As with many of my unfinished projects… FIT was one of them. But this is a new year and I have the best of intentions to see this class through and join again next year.

Fit is a year-long workshop designed to keep you inspired and accountable in the arena of self-care. For 12 months, we’ll be documenting and connecting to stuff that makes this process work well, as well as the stuff that can get in the way of success.

Cathy Zielsk

As you can see… January was quite a wash for me. Between my husband having throat surgery and a trip to Connecticut to visit my in-laws… well things got a little out of hand. Can I just say that much comfort food and many cocktails were consumed and leave it at that?

But now we are in a new month… so come on February – let’s do this.

This is not a workout class. This is a not a nutrition class. This is a class designed to help you connect to what is needed in your life to make real and lasting changes. What are the best ways you can exercise? What are the foods that your body needs? How can you make this process even more personal? These aren’t always easy questions to answer. I speak from years of experience. But I’d like to invite you to join me in 2019 for a year of focusing on you, and working to do better.

Cathy Zielske

To learn more about Cathy Zielske and FIT – click here.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. triggsey says:

    February is the new January !


    1. HEH HEH!! Thanks, sweet friend!!! xoxoxo


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